Simplifying the wedding day for the modern bride
Simple . Organic . Modern .

My goal is to help brides have a stunningly beautiful wedding day that represents them not the industry standards: even if it means breaking the mold. I have so many tools to help you process all the little details involved in this huge, long, emotional process.

a wedding photographer for the bride who is tired of the big wedding industry 


My Mission

From the very beginning, I will help you plan any little detail. From picking fun colors to simply being a sounding board to researching the best adventures, I am here for YOU! I encourage the selfies and dance parties and all the fun yard games. Simple weddings can be exciting, beautiful, elegant, and intimate. Please  make sure to surround yourself with the people who have most impacted your life and loved you through all the ups and downs. Your wedding is too important for it to feel like you're planning someone else's wedding. Plan yours. Use the funky colors. Eat the comfort foods. You don't have to invite everyone you know in order to celebrate your new life. Intimate weddings don't have to lack the luster of big weddings. They simply funnel your time & energy into what's really important. 

I can't wait to watch your vision come to life.

I can't wait to watch your vision come to life.

Resources to Guide You in this Process